Tulsi Gabbard

Posted date: August 7, 2019

I watched only segments of the democratic debate circus because it was so embarrassing and awkward. Only Tulsi Gabbard stood as a credible candidate. Only Tulsi Gabbard appeared sane and to represent the interests our nation and its' people. All the rest appeared to be in lulu land; I'm not sure whether it was due to drugs or pure stupidity. They were an absolute embarrassment to this nation. They want war, although, none of them and their families ever fought in one. You cannot appreciate the devastating effect of death if you have never seen it first hand. You cannot win a war if you do not know your enemies; Korea and Vietnam should have told us so. I am all the way for Trump, but he has got to drain the swamp much faster. I predict that there will be a large exodus from the democratic party in 2020. The people do not want war, they do not approve of our one sided relationship with Israel, they are strongly opposed to the democratic push for legalizing pedophilia, drugs, transgenderism and unisex bathrooms and locker rooms that threaten the safety of our children, open borders.