An observation and thought.

Posted date: July 3, 2019

Just a thought. I noticed that the NYTs published a front page article denouncing the deplorable conditions that the illegal migrants must endure at the border. They are here illegally; we did not invite them. The NYTs never mentioned the hundreds of thousands of homeless American citizens that live without food, shelter, healthcare, appropriate clothing, toilets, etc. Many are our Veterans who fought in our wars. Many live on the sidewalks, in rat infested alleys, under bridges, in the subway system. They have no roof over their head, no air conditioning nor heat nor raincoats and boots to protect them; nor coats, nor washing facilities. At one time, they payed taxes to this country-SO, why no mention about them; only illegal migrants count to the liberals. Remember this when you vote- who do they really care about; not you, not the Veterans, not the citizens of this country who pay their undeserved salaries.