A very telling pattern.

False Flag to promote anti gun agenda. 17 innocent victims to promote neocon agenda. Pathetic!

Drugs and false flags

Was the mass murder a distraction?

The narrative keeps changing.

The recent mass murder in Florida- 17 killed.

We the people must demand the return of our Constitutional Rights and history.


Posted date: June 23, 2019

It is good to see that people are waking up and recognizing the detrimental relationship that we have with Israel. Israel is not our friend and certainly not our ally, nor a country whose loyalty we can depend on and I don't have a problem with that, however, we should not be fighting their wars which they start, our soldiers should not be dying for them just because they don't want their soldiers to die for Israel, nor should we be financially or militarily supporting them which is enabling them to commit these acts of terrorism. We have no national interest in the near east region, and if we do , our interests would be better served allied with Iraq, Syria, and Iran. Israel wants control of our nuclear arsenal. If this ever happens, we are all dead. Israel, the neocons, had almost succeeded in stealing six of our nuclear weapons, however, they failed. They have also attempted to inundate our Air Force bases with drugs in order to facilitate the theft of nuclear weapons; this is all well documented. Israel is our gravest threat and that is the reason that the neocons have villainized Russia and China; it is called projection and deception, and divide and conquer strategies. Wake-up!

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