A thought

Is Trump gutting the first Amendment? Yes.

A thought.

No more Israel first!

What the impeachment circus really is.


Let us not forget about the pedophile epstein.

epstein was the ultimate capitalist.

Read a book!

Who is wexner?

democrats are crazy!

good riddance pedophile jeffre epstein.


Tulsi Gabbard

It did happen, but it is being staged.

Time to bury the hatchet and shake hands.

What we should learn from the Russian Revolution.

Protect the First Amendment- If you don't fight for it- you don't deserve it!

The Patriot Party. Let's save our Nation.

Is Trump gutting the first Amendment? Yes.

Posted date: December 16, 2019

Why on earth would Trump order criticism of Israel and Jewish people a crime. This guts the first Amendment in total. Recap; debbie-wasserman-schultz, jeffrey epstein, wexner, guillard, pollard, larry silverman, the wanton slaughter od Palistinian children and people, the confiscation of their land, etc., all criminal, all Jewish. Are we not to talk and debate about these? What will be protected next- pedophilia? Where does this end? It ends with White heterosexual people, they get no protection under the gutted first amendment to the Federal Constitution. Trump is opening up a Pandoras Box that will destroy this nation, and we are close. Tulsi Gabbard is looking better everyday. Stop focusing on Israel and its' interests ( Israel is not in our interest, protecting Judaism is not our interest; focus on the wall, on crime, on narcotic deaths and abuse, on the sexualization  and trafficking of our children, on the destruction of our once great educational system and medical system. Focus on improving our relations with China and Russia. Focus on improving medical care for our Veterans ( the 3.5 billion that we give to Israel annually and unconditionally should be spent on our Veterans and their families, not on Israel). What has Israel done for us lately, or ever? Israel killed and wounded over 200 sailors ( I don't remember the exact figures) onboard the USS Liberty in 1967 in an unprovoked attack on a surveillance ship that was, for the most part, unarmed.  Israels mission was to sink and kill all onboard. 

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