A thought

Is Trump gutting the first Amendment? Yes.

A thought.

No more Israel first!

What the impeachment circus really is.


Let us not forget about the pedophile epstein.

epstein was the ultimate capitalist.

Read a book!

Who is wexner?

democrats are crazy!

good riddance pedophile jeffre epstein.


Tulsi Gabbard

It did happen, but it is being staged.

Time to bury the hatchet and shake hands.

What we should learn from the Russian Revolution.

Protect the First Amendment- If you don't fight for it- you don't deserve it!

The Patriot Party. Let's save our Nation.

good riddance pedophile jeffre epstein.

Posted date: August 10, 2019

This comes as no surprise to me. I'm sure that he underwent hostile interrogation. After they received all the information that they wanted, they clintonized him. They would have wanted to know about his safe houses. The Americans would want to know about his associates, the victims and their clients, finances and links to the mossad, wexner, and his relationships with waters, clintons, richardson, adelson, etc. The mossad would have wanted to know about what the FBI had asked him and his response. No matter what, he was a dead man 'cause dead men don't talk. I'm certain that his death was not sweet. He received a warning two weeks ago. Personally, and I'm certain that I speak for his victims and their families; I'm glad that he is dead and I'm certain that the POS is meeting the god he worshiped, Satan

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