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The monster Epstein.

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The monster Epstein.

Posted date: July 10, 2019

Epstein is a greater monster than he is being portrayed. Acosta should be fired and investigated for his ties with Epstein. As you should know, over 60,000 children disappear every year in the United States, never to be heard from again- that is, permanently disappear. Most pedophiles, if not all, are drug addicted and or psychologically unbalanced, most because of drug intoxication. Many pedophiles murder their victims and the bodies are rarely recovered. In addition to raping their victims, they frequently torture their victims before they murder them, some as a sacrifice to Molloch. With all of this being said, one must question whether Epsteins island was searched for evidence and graves. Acosta has a lot to answer for. If a powerful person engages in sex with a minor, most likely the child would be killed- dumped at sea. These pedophiles prefer virgins and therefore the child is of little value to them afterwards. Other children may be sold into slavery, but they would engage with low profile pedophiles. Acosta has to know this! Clinton was a notorious cocaine snorter as was, or is, Bush. Obama was, or still is, a heavy weed smoker as was, or still is, Boehner. We have only seen the tip of the polluted iceberg and the press is deliberately shielding him from further scrutiny.

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