No more Israel first!

What the impeachment circus really is.


Let us not forget about the pedophile epstein.

epstein was the ultimate capitalist.

Read a book!

Who is wexner?

democrats are crazy!

good riddance pedophile jeffre epstein.


Tulsi Gabbard

It did happen, but it is being staged.

Time to bury the hatchet and shake hands.

What we should learn from the Russian Revolution.

Protect the First Amendment- If you don't fight for it- you don't deserve it!

The Patriot Party. Let's save our Nation.

The monster Epstein.

What am I missing?

An observation and thought.

Another thought.

Posted date: June 14, 2019

I wonder whether or not Trump heard about this incident in 1967? 34 dead sailors, 78 wounded, intentionally and premeditatedly, many seriously by Israel attack planes and gun boats. They knew that they were attacking a U.S Navy surveillance vessel,  the USS Liberty. We don't need friends like them. This incidence should never be forgotten, nor forgiven. Think about this before you want to start a a war with Iran, Israels self perceived enemy, not ours. How many body bags and parts do we have to bring home to satisfy Israels craving for war between us and Israels imaginary enemies? If Israel wants a war, they should fight it themselves! Why isn't this and the Gulf of Tonkin false flag being taught in our schools?

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