We need to protect our nuclear arsenal from the neocons.

A wonderment.

Another thought.

Just a thought.

It is time to partner with Russia and China.

Just a thought

Who is really Americas enemy?

Our economy is failing.

The country is in serious trouble.

Russia-gate OR Israel-gate?

The Holocaust, fact or fiction?

Just a though about the INF Treaty debacle.

California dreamin.

Putin is right.

Russia-gate OR Israel-gate?

Piece of advise-Do not invade Venezuela.

Piece of advise-Do not invade Venezuela.

Defeat BDS bill in Congress- Trojan Horse!

Strange request regarding Mandalay Bay Hotel massacre.

Just a thought

Posted date: June 3, 2019

Israel always started the wars and then dragged big brother America in to fight and die for them. Ironically, Israel is a society that hates Christians, yet has no problem having Christian America fight and die for them. The line has been drawn with Iran, or has the American military come to realize that it has been victimized by Israel and our corrupt politicians. Iran is not of any threat to America, nor is Iran an enemy, in any way, to America. Neither has been Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Yugoslavia, etc. These were perceived threats by Israel, but, in actual fact, they were were attacked and destroyed so that Israeli interests could take control of their countries, their economy, their banks, their natural resources. Of course, we mustn't forget the role of the defense contractors in pushing for wars and we know who owns the defense contractors The world, including America, has come to realize this, and none too soon. I had a Jewish person tell me that he and his Ukrainian wife hate Russians. Why? ????. So why is that an American problem? Russia and America are White Christian Nations with substantial, peaceful minorities. We should be allies, not enemies solely because the defense contractors need more profit. We need to invest our tax dollars into the infrastructure which has fallen apart, into our country and its' citizens, not into the war machine which profits few at the expense of the many.

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