Let us not forget about the pedophile epstein.

epstein was the ultimate capitalist.

Read a book!

Who is wexner?

democrats are crazy!

good riddance pedophile jeffre epstein.


Tulsi Gabbard

It did happen, but it is being staged.

Time to bury the hatchet and shake hands.

What we should learn from the Russian Revolution.

Protect the First Amendment- If you don't fight for it- you don't deserve it!

The Patriot Party. Let's save our Nation.

The monster Epstein.

What am I missing?

An observation and thought.


Fetuses and newborns do feel pain.

Drugs and false flags

Posted date: February 17, 2018

If I were the Parkland Police, I would be looking at the school attendance roster for 02/14,just as a rule out. Anybody know why? Further, guns in the hands of drug addicts, are dangerous. Guns in the hands of healthy individuals are safe. So why are we not addressing the issue of rampant drug use? We have uncouth, unscrupulous, unethical doctors that over prescribe psychotropic drugs, uppers and downers, mood stabilizers, not to help the patient, but to make money. These are people that are easy targets for manipulation, recruitment by these terrorist groups, such as the ones that are domestic; and the FBI is more than aware of their existence, and has declared them terrorist groups. There is a deliberate lack of discussion and debate over our drug death, morbidity epidemic. The flu gets more coverage. No one knows the actual number of deaths, morbidity attributable to drugs, but well over 60,000 deaths per year are resultant from drugs. Countless families are destroyed by drugs. Tens of thousands of children are forced into sex slavery and drugs by traffickers every year, and we worry about the Russians and the flu. We spend more time and money on teaching the children that they are not the sex they think they are, than on teaching them the dangers of drugs. Incredible! Your children and family are yours alone. They do not belong to the school, or to society; they are yours alone and are your responsibility. Take up your responsibility boldly. One more thing: the Parkland massacre is a false flag. Much more to come on that.

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