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The monster Epstein.

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The Holocaust, fact or fiction?

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The Holocaust, fact or fiction?

Posted date: March 8, 2019

It is about time that the world is waking up! While a youth, I spent much time listening to Soviet Officers, my Father having been one, speak of their experiences in the war. I also personally knew an SS officer and we engaged in many discussions about the war. Rightfully, it is correct to talk about the Russian Holocaust or the German Holocaust. As can be documented, the Jews were given every opportunity to leave Germany with full possessions prior to the war. The German people know the truth, and that is why their speech is heavily censored by threat of long imprisonment. And now you are witnessing an attempt to enforce the same heavy censorship on the American people through unconstitutional loyalty pledges, the attempted institution of anti BDS laws with unduly harsh penalties including long term imprisonment, by arbitrarily and capriciously labeling free speech as antisemitic. History is repeating itself. We need a national debate on this topic and many more, not censorship, not obfuscation. If there is nothing to hide, then let the debates begin. You draw your own conclusion. Beware 2020 AD.

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