No more Israel first!

What the impeachment circus really is.


Let us not forget about the pedophile epstein.

epstein was the ultimate capitalist.

Read a book!

Who is wexner?

democrats are crazy!

good riddance pedophile jeffre epstein.


Tulsi Gabbard

It did happen, but it is being staged.

Time to bury the hatchet and shake hands.

What we should learn from the Russian Revolution.

Protect the First Amendment- If you don't fight for it- you don't deserve it!

The Patriot Party. Let's save our Nation.

The monster Epstein.

What am I missing?

An observation and thought.

Why would anyone vote democrat?

Posted date: August 16, 2018

Personally, I don't understand how anyone who has children would vote democrat. The democratic platform is frightening, especially for children, families, and Christians. They endorse, or have endorsed, homosexuality, pedophilia,bestiality, legalizing drugs, open borders, gun confiscation and the subversion of the first and second amendments, open discrimination against Whites and heterosexuals, the abolishment of the NSA, Customs(border patrols), FBI, Transgenderism, adults using childs' bathrooms and dressing rooms, lowering the age of consent to 12 y.o and under. They refuse to take guns away from criminal gangs, only from law abiding families. They refuse to investigate the Wasserman-Schultz spy scandal for fear that it would disclose the magnitude of democrats being blackmailed of accepting bribes from Israel. They refuse to pursue the clinton email scandal which could implicate her for treason, knowingly providing classified information to a foreign power. They advocate endless wars that benefit only Israel, and are detrimental to American policy interests. Note; they don't send their kids to fight these battles on behalf of a foreign power. They have alienated virtually the entire planet because of their erratic, irrational psychotic, insane hatred for Russia and almost everyone else, leading us to a possible nuclear war which would benefit no one. That is how insane they are. They should require all politicians to submit to a drug test and a polygraph test before they receive their welfare checks.

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