Protect the First Amendment- If you don't fight for it- you don't deserve it!

The Patriot Party. Let's save our Nation.

The monster Epstein.

What am I missing?

An observation and thought.


Fetuses and newborns do feel pain.


We need to protect our nuclear arsenal from the neocons.

A wonderment.

Another thought.

Just a thought.

It is time to partner with Russia and China.

Just a thought

Who is really Americas enemy?

Our economy is failing.

The country is in serious trouble.

Russia-gate OR Israel-gate?

The Holocaust, fact or fiction?

Just a though about the INF Treaty debacle.

We must start to carry the Cross.

Posted date: August 8, 2018

You know, many times I have wanted to stop secular posting and concentrate on my faith and spiritual beliefs. However, I have a mission, and that mission is twofold: to protect the children and to prevent a nuclear war. I am lighting the fires to enlightenment and the fires are spreading. Spreading enlightenment seems to be a never ending battle; how many wars are enough? How many children have to be brutalized and killed before we say enough? How many antifas' will we tolerate? How many murders, rapes, kidnappings will we allow before we say enough? Why are we legalizing drugs, pedophilia, every abhorrent behavior that is imaginable, knowing that these kill our children and our families? Sometimes we must stop hiding behind the cross and start to carry the Cross.

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