Who is really Americas enemy?

Our economy is failing.

The country is in serious trouble.

Russia-gate OR Israel-gate?

The Holocaust, fact or fiction?

Just a though about the INF Treaty debacle.

California dreamin.

Putin is right.

Russia-gate OR Israel-gate?

Piece of advise-Do not invade Venezuela.

Piece of advise-Do not invade Venezuela.

Defeat BDS bill in Congress- Trojan Horse!

Strange request regarding Mandalay Bay Hotel massacre.

Pelosi's obtructionism- disgraceful!

Is the end in sight?

Why would anyone vote democrat?

Illegal aliens negatively impact our country.


We must start to carry the Cross.

So you want a war?

False flag-Russia-gate.

Posted date: July 19, 2018

I am absolutely flabbergasted on Americas fixation on the Russia-gate false flag. Everyone knows that America actively spies on Russia and everyone knows that Russia spies on America and everyone knows that Israel spies on both countries. What do you think the Wasserman-Schultz spy ring is all about? Russia-gate is a false flag diversion and projection. Mueller should be investigating Israel-gate. But no, all resources are tied up in the false flag Russia-gate. That is what all of this is about- hoping, the public will forget about Wasserman-Schultz spy ring spying on the congress and most likely blackmailing them.

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