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epstein was the ultimate capitalist.

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An observation and thought.

Some of my story

Posted date: June 9, 2018

The soundtrack to 'Dances with wolves makes me reflect. I have done some good and some bad in my life. I have many regrets, but I have done things that others could only dream of. I have made many predictions, all of which have come to fruition. I have known many in the F.B.I and many K.G.B. and some Mossad. Years ago, a friend of mine, an FBI agent, asked me what I thought of Gorbachev. My response was that he would be deposed and removed from office. Three weeks later he was. My friend asked me how I knew. I told him, 'I just did'. When Al Gore, the second time around, ran for the Presidency, I warned, not on the internet, that there will be an assassination attempt on his life and I presented my reasons for believing so. One or two months later, he unexpectedly dropped from the race. Years ago I warned the Russian Orthodox Church that the neocons were planning to destroy the Church, which they had attempted, but, forewarned is forearmed. Pope Benedict 11, whom I respected was deposed from the Papacy because he wanted to bring together the Orthodox and Catholic Churches. Pope Francis is homosexual. Years ago when speaking to a person whom I suspected was KGB (and now I know) about Putin, I stated that Putin would be a very strong leader and would bring Russia to it's current strength. As a matter of fact, and anybody who knew me then would affirm, the world is developing exactly as I had predicted back then. Years ago when having lunch with two F.B.I, I told them that the NYC office was compromised. Several years later, they arrested an FBI agent in the NYC office for spying. I have done the same for Russia. I have done the same for Police Departments and have had many Police Officer friends. I could go on and on, but I won't. Why am I writing this? Because I no longer have any reason not to. Because, just maybe, what I write saves us from war, from corruption of our Constitution. Another reason is that all of these recollections are coming to mind- all because of a beautiful piece of music.

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