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epstein was the ultimate capitalist.

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good riddance pedophile jeffre epstein.


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An observation and thought.

Sanders Socialism is really Capitalism on steroids.

Posted date: May 8, 2018

I'm sharing this, not because I agree with the commentator, but because I want to point out the lies that he and Sanders are promulgating to the public. Sanders does not understand what Socialism is and the program that he espouses is Capitalism on steroids. In short, his program would indebt the government even further while enriching the 1% even further. Sanders plan is to have the government reimburse institutions for their costs in Education and Medicine. This is not Socialism, this is Capitalism. In other words, the investors, speculators, financiers would still own the properties and establish cost as they now do, squeeze every penny out of the system, while having the government bear the inflated costs and fraudulent charges. In Socialism, the government would own the facilities, as it once had, and not the investors and speculators, and therefore there would be no need to inflate costs or reduce quality. There would be no need for profit which is the reason why our Education and Medical systems have failed. Everything is based on profit for the rich. Speculating, as once was, should be illegal. Privatization, as it once was, should be illegal. Monopolies, as it once was, should be illegal. When I grew up, Elementary and High School were free and of high quality. Today, the reverse, high costs and very poor quality. It's all about profits. Next-We are not a Capitalized System, we are a Plutocracy.

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