The recent mass murder in Florida- 17 killed.

We the people must demand the return of our Constitutional Rights and history.

Who is wexner?

Posted date: August 12, 2019

An excellent article; a must read. However, it brings many questions to mind. epstein was not a wall street financier,  and I do not believe that he taught physics. epstein was a sex trafficker for the express purpose of blackmailing persons of power, money, importance. It is my opinion that wexner was his handler and go-between. epstein did not steal $60,000,000 from wexner, but was given it and real estate to build a trafficking business. The theft is just another cover story to distance wexner from epstein. Question is whether or not wexner works for/ or is Mossad? All indications are that he is. If this analysis is accurate, it would mean that the Mossad has a copy of epsteins records and information which means that they will continue to blackmail the people in power.  This would explain the disgusting sycophancy to Israel by  our politicians.  epstein was a drug user and pusher. He, no doubt, plied the girls with weed, drinks, maybe cocaine and money and then threats of bodily harm. More than likely the girls were deliberately witnessed to death or bodily harm of others, as a warning. Keep in mind the temple on his island which worships the god moloch or satan. Were human sacrifices performed there? He was a serial rapist and pedophile. I find it extraordinarily difficult to believe that young boys were not involved in this trafficking. I think that they were equally victims of epsteins  trafficking ring and I believe that he had many more associates that are not being disclosed. Were any of these child victims sent to Israel; most likely. With the hundreds of victims, where are they? Have they been disappeared on epsteins island, turned to ashes in his temple, or thrown into the ocean? It is not over and more deaths will come. 2020 karma is a Bi-ch. What comes around, goes around.

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