We need to address the countrys' drug problem.

Neocon black ops.

A very telling pattern.

False Flag to promote anti gun agenda. 17 innocent victims to promote neocon agenda. Pathetic!

Drugs and false flags

Was the mass murder a distraction?

The narrative keeps changing.

The recent mass murder in Florida- 17 killed.

We the people must demand the return of our Constitutional Rights and history.

No more Israel first!

Posted date: December 6, 2019

This is bad judgement and insanity on steroids.Why should we be obligated to sacrifice our soldiers lives for Israel? Israel is of no value to us, nor to our security. If anything, the opposite. Israel is a security risk to our nation. Israel has soldiers, let them die for Israel- not us! Trump better be careful on this topic. No one wants war, especially war for Israel. Israel is a great security threat and manipulator of our government, note: debbie wasserman-schultz espionage and spy scandal and jeffrey epstein child rapist, trafficker and murderer espionage and spy scandal, both operating for Israel. Because of the two, and I am certain that there is another espionage spy ring in the senate, our government is paralyzed. We need to distance ourselves from Israel and reject her candidates at the polls. No more Israel first- it must be America first. 

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