The Wall is a scam.

The Wall is a scam.

Sanders Socialism is really Capitalism on steroids.

No more blood for Israel.

The neocons are pushing us into a very dangerous war- beware.

We are in big trouble.

Another false flag in Syria.

Regarding the new tariff war- stupid!

Beware- war is coming. 2020

Say no to VA privatization.

Don't give up your guns.

Is Trump compromised?

Take Russia seriously.

Russia must be an ally.

2020 AD and the prophesy.

Only one road is left-Friendship with Russia.

We don't need sex education.

Time to unite and fight back.

Marching toward a nuclear catastrophe.

A thought

Posted date: December 23, 2019

I fully agree with Gabbard, Trumps foreign policy is counter to Americas interests. Further, he has surrounded himself with advisers whose allegiance to our country is highly suspect. Trump is feeding the coup of our government by the neocons and Israel. Is he ignorant enough to believe that placating Israel and the neocons will bring an end to the coup? They will not rest until they place their man into the White House, take over our military and nuclear arsenal and bring us to war with Russia. These people are psychopaths and sociopaths and must be stopped by any means.

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