The neocons are pushing us into a very dangerous war- beware.

We are in big trouble.

Another false flag in Syria.

Regarding the new tariff war- stupid!

Beware- war is coming. 2020

Say no to VA privatization.

Don't give up your guns.

Is Trump compromised?

Take Russia seriously.

Russia must be an ally.

2020 AD and the prophesy.

Only one road is left-Friendship with Russia.

We don't need sex education.

Time to unite and fight back.

Marching toward a nuclear catastrophe.

We need a stronger Justice Department Director and Deputy Director.

Parkland mass murder a false flag, black ops operation to further gun control.

Taxpayers are being ripped off AGAIN.

We need to address the countrys' drug problem.

Neocon black ops.


Posted date: September 4, 2019

I have been reporting that 911 was a controlled demolition and not an arab terrorist attack from day one.I would challenge anyone to a debate. I would win a court trial. Larry silverstein, who owns the trade center complex ordered bldg 7 to be demolished? There were deaths in the bldg. Why hasn't he been charged with homicide? Who placed the charges in the bldg 7, and why, and when? Why did he bring down bldg 7 before a complete inspection? Why did silverstein fire the security firm, that oversaw security in the trade center, one month prior to the attack? There was no security in the center for one month prior to the attack. Why were all of the videos disabled as well as the fire suppression systems( That is in each bldg) before the attack? We know that dershowitz rode the lolitta express, but, did cheney and schummer? I have my suspicions.

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