Is Trump compromised?

Take Russia seriously.

Russia must be an ally.

2020 AD and the prophesy.

Only one road is left-Friendship with Russia.

We don't need sex education.

Time to unite and fight back.

Marching toward a nuclear catastrophe.

We need a stronger Justice Department Director and Deputy Director.

Parkland mass murder a false flag, black ops operation to further gun control.

Taxpayers are being ripped off AGAIN.

We need to address the countrys' drug problem.

Neocon black ops.

A very telling pattern.

False Flag to promote anti gun agenda. 17 innocent victims to promote neocon agenda. Pathetic!

Drugs and false flags

Was the mass murder a distraction?

The narrative keeps changing.

The recent mass murder in Florida- 17 killed.

We the people must demand the return of our Constitutional Rights and history.

Who is really Americas enemy?

Posted date: May 25, 2019

I define an ENEMY as someone who will attack you, destroy you, take undue advantage of you if given the opportunity. When it comes to the United States of America,only one nation on this earth fills this description; not Russia, not China, not Iran, but Israel. To our detriment, and solely to its' interests, Israel agents have infiltrated all of our Institutions in Washington D.C. and throughout the nation, causing great and irreparable damage to our people, our communities, our nation and our foreign policies. Because of Israel, our Soldiers and citizens have died in the tens of thousands in no interest of this country, but in the interests of Israel and our greedy and corrupt politicians, either through blackmail or bribery, or both. The neocons have only one goal and that is to take control of our nuclear weapons for Israel and thereby controlling the world through blackmail and coercion. Keep this in mind when voting in our next and fateful election in 2020 A.D, or it may be our last election ever. Keep in mind the Bolsheviks in Russia- 20 million dead, the rest enslaved.

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